Vivek Wadhwa Guest on Market Makers – BloombergTV 10-29-13

Salient to Investors:

Vivek Wadhwa at Singularity University said about Twitter IPO:

  • Company long-term has no future – OK for the next 1 to 2 quarters but 1 to 2 years out it is hard to see where their growth will come from as their marketplace is limited, mainly to the US, while Asia has many better competitors.
  • The public will be left holding the bag after the IPO.
  • Board and management all white men with no women which shows company is out of touch with consumer base. Companies do much better with women on the board.
  • Has no profits and unlikely to ever have amazing profits.
  • Social media in general is a fad because it is will be everywhere like electricity and the internet but there is a bubble around a small group of companies.

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.U.S. Stocks Advance as European Leaders Reach Agreement – Bloomberg 06-29-12

Salient to Investors:

PIMCO’s Bill Gross said the debt trap remains even after the European agreement, continues to avoid Spanish and Portuguese debt in favor of U.S. Treasuries and mortgage securities, Gross.

Matt McCormick at Bahl & Gaynor said Europe and the economy raises more questions than answers for investors – after Facebook, they want problem-free IPOs.

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IPOs Fizzle as Facebook to Europe Burn Bargain Hunters – Bloomberg 06-29-12

Salient to Investors:

IPOs globally raised $41.3 billion, the worst Q2 since 2009, down 34 percent from a year ago – hurt by Europe, slowing Chinese growth, and Facebook’s drop. Asia saw its slowest Q2 for IPOs since 2009.

The S&P 500 Index moved an average of 1 percent a day in June, about twice the rate of the previous five months, and near the 1.3 percent average between April and December 2011, which was twice the five decade average.

Ronald Wan at China Merchants Securities said the shift of investors’ attention to Southeast Asia may continue at least through the end of the year as it offers a good alternative to global investors.

Jack Ablin at BMO Harris Private Bank said that as long as Europe’s debt crisis is unresolved and U.S. economic recovery remains uncertain, stocks will struggle and IPOs will encounter slack demand. Ablin sees a distrust of equity markets in general.

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