Fareed Zakaria GPS – CNN 06-05-16

Salient to Investors:

Fareed Zakari said:

Remains skeptical of an American military solution to Syria.

The US is no longer the world’s humanitarian leader and has become an international embarrassment.

The UN says 4 in 10 people do not have access to adequate sanitation and that every dollar spent on sanitation produces a return of $9. Water Aid says over 770 million Indians and 329 million Chinese do not have access to a toilet at home.

Richard Haass at the Council on Foreign Relations said the US has more often than not benefited from interventions in the world: mistakes have been self-inflicted, viz Vietnam, Iraq.

Ruchir Sharma at Morgan Stanley Investment Banking said:

Since 2009, the number of billionaires has risen 80%, equally distributed. The US has had one of the biggest increases in billionaire wealth to 15% of GDP versus the historical norm of 10% due to easy money producing one of the strongest stock market gains in history. The rich own stocks in a disproportionate manner.

The public mood against wealth turns negative when that wealth is being created in corruption-prone industries in countries like Russia and Mexico.

More than 50% of billionaires in India inherited their wealth. The US ranks OK on this metric which is why Trump is able to run for office.

Watch the video at http://globalpublicsquare.blogs.cnn.com/category/gps-episodes/ or read the full transcript at http://transcripts.cnn.com/TRANSCRIPTS/1606/05/fzgps.01.html

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