Fareed Zakaria GPS – CNN 05-22-16

Salient to Investors:

Fareed Zakaria said:

US start-up activity has been slowing for about 30 years, dropping sharply over the last 10 years.

High taxes did not stop the burst of start-ups in the 1970s and early ’80s, and California’s taxes and regulation do not deter its vibrant entrepreneurial activity.

The Economist says the US has become less competitive in the last 20 years as red tape, licensing requirements and legal costs have risen dramatically. Large, entrenched firms are able to navigate regulations much better than new ones.

Leigh Buchanan says the percentage of start-ups launched by people in their 20s and 30s fell from 35% in 1996 to 18 percent in 2014, while the number of founders in their 50s and 60s has increased over the past decade.

Peter Bergen said terrorist groups will do well in the Middle East and in Europe for the foreseeable future.

George Shultz at Stanford said we live in a very dangerous time: instability almost everywhere, too many nuclear weapons, climate change.

The Federation of American Scientists estimated 15,350 nuclear weapons in early 2016, versus 70,300 30 years ago.

Watch the video at http://globalpublicsquare.blogs.cnn.com/category/gps-episodes/ or read the full transcript at http://transcripts.cnn.com/TRANSCRIPTS/1605/22/fzgps.01.html

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