Fareed Zakaria GPS – CNN 03-20-16

Salient to Investors:

Fareed Zakaria said:

Trump’s nomination would transform the Republican party into a blue-collar populist, nationalist movement with a racial element, like many others in the West.

The Federation of American Scientists says Pakistan has the fastest growing nuclear arsenal – up as much as 44% in the last 4 years – and could have 251 warheads by 2025, the 5th largest stockpile in the world ahead of Great Britain.

The IEA says that 90% of new global electrical generation in 2015 came from renewable sources, of which more than 50% came from wind power. China has reduced its coal usage by 10% in just 4 years to under 70% of its total electricity.

Richard Haass at the Council on Foreign Relations said the era of consolidated nation states in the Middle East where governments hold sway over the entire territory is ending.

Thomas Frank said

Both US political parties have abandoned the working class and become the party of elites, and have stopped caring deeply about economic inequality. Inequality has worsened under Obama.

Broadly speaking, the Republican party is becoming a blue-collar populist nationalist party while the Democratic party is becoming the party of urban professionals.

Tom Wainwright at The Economist said:

Incarcerating drug dealers in the US and Europe only reduces supply and pushes up prices, while addictive consumption remains constant, thus inflating the size of the drug market and enriching the drug cartels.

Drugs should be legalized, one by one. Legalized marijuana has greatly reduced the criminal economy in places like Colorado and deals a huge blow to organized crime. Legalized heroin in Switzerland means addicts no longer have to steal or deal.

Piers Sellers said that overshooting the 2-degree global warming is a near certainty because of the momentum of the global economy, and solutions will be implemented later than scientists would like, as usual.

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Fareed Zakaria GPS – CNN 03-13-16

Salient to Investors:

Fareed Zakaria said:

The US economy will grow much faster than the eurozone and almost 3x as fast as Japan’s in 2016.

The Financial Times says America’s top 5 investment banks in 2015 made twice as much money as European banks and bettered them on almost every financial measure.

UBS says America ranked 5th of countries best able to take advantage of the fourth industrial revolution.

Lawrence Summers says:

The fundamental US economic problem is the lack of demand, too much savings and too little consumption. The best solution is a major boost in infrastructure spending.

Future generations will be better off owing long-term bonds at low rates in a currency they can print than they would be inheriting a vast, deferred maintenance liability.

Adam Gopnik at the New Yorker said it is important to see Trump as primarily a nationalist and not a fascist.

Gideon Rachman at the Financial Times said the fear of Trump is overdone, a la Reagan, but his temperament, style and extreme touchiness is a concern.

Valentine Pasquali at Global Finance and Aspen Institute said the striking parallels between Trump and Berlusconi go well beyond politics – Berlusconi’s bad legacy has shaken Italians’ trust in their institutions.

Yascha Mounk at Harvard and New America said people no longer trust any politician: and the most dangerous thing about Trump is not his radical policies or dangerous ideology but that his only course is himself, which makes him willing to do anything.

Eric Foner at Columbia University said American politics has always had demagoguery but egotism run amok is a new low in US political debates.

Barry Strauss at Cornell said:

The death of Julius Caesar was a turning point, an opportunity for the ‘America’ of the world at that time, Rome, to reform.

Caesar had more power, money, army than anyone before in Rome, and was a genius, smarter than anyone, and a great general, politician and author – a rarity.

Caesar’s assassination was well planned by top Roman generals, and succeeded partly because he did not believe it; showing politics always trumps military thinking, and you must always have a political plan.

Jonathan Weiler at UNC said:

The American political polarization of the last 30 years is driven at the grass-roots level by differences in personality among voters.

How people answer parenting questions tells us how they see the world politically much better than gender, income, education.

White, working-class voters who are low on authoritarianism dislike Trump, while college-educated voters who are high on authoritarianism like him a lot.

Watch the video at http://globalpublicsquare.blogs.cnn.com/category/gps-episodes/ or read the full transcript at http://transcripts.cnn.com/TRANSCRIPTS/1603/13/fzgps.01.html

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Fareed Zakaria GPS – CNN 03-06-16

Salient to Investors:

Fareed Zakaria said:

A main cause of the rise of Islamic extremism is the cowardice of Muslim moderates.

The cyber war arms race is exploding, potentially more destructive than anything before.

Paul Krugman at the New York Times said:

We don’t know why economic recovery has been slow since the end of the Clinton boom.

Since saving the banks, everything has been moving in the wrong direction.

Vigorous public spending would work even better than tax cuts, which might not be spent, and we already have too much saving and too few private investment opportunities. The federal government can borrow for 30 years at 3 percent: adjusted for inflation, practically nothing.

Since 2007, construction spending has collapsed because states and municipalities have been financially strapped and because of the anti-public spending ideology, which is insane fundamentally.

Many advanced countries including the US have had higher debt ratios without anything terrible happening.


Phil Mudd says America’s civilian infrastructure is disturbingly vulnerable to cyber-terrorism.

Vali Nasr at Johns Hopkins said:

Iran’s election result was a humiliation for conservatives, not a victory for liberals but for Rouhani’s centrists who support engagement with the outside world and the nuclear deal.

Anti-Americanism is a pillar of Iran’s official state ideology so will take a very long time to go away.

Thomas Erdbrink at the New York Times said the Iranian election result was a big win for reformist, moderate, centrists over the hard-liners who have been in power for at least for the past decade.

Watch the video at http://globalpublicsquare.blogs.cnn.com/category/gps-episodes/ or read the full transcript at http://transcripts.cnn.com/TRANSCRIPTS/1603/06/fzgps.01.html

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