Fareed Zakaria GPS – CNN 02-14-16

Fareed Zakaria said:

The Heritage Foundation ranks America 11th in Economic Freedom, behind Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, Chile, Switzerland and Singapore.

American exceptionalism from the start was based on ideas open to all. Gordon Wood said Americans lack a nationality like other countries, and is why it can more easily absorb immigrants.

Rand Corp says that were Russia to attack the Baltic States, it would win fast because it has far more firepower and manpower in the region.

Michael Chertoff at Chertoff Group said radical violent jihadism has metastasized from South Asia and the Middle East to North and East Africa and Europe.

Peter Bergen at CNN said:

The only worse thing to a dictator is anarchy.

Historically, revolutionary movements tend to attract idealistic, mostly young men, who are not terribly impoverished. Becoming radicalized is not for illiterates.

Rana Faroohar at CNN said:

A global recession is coming: historically we get one every 8 years.

The two major economic forces are slowing emerging markets and the end of easy money: the Fed will not pump more into the global economy.

Market jitters will continue for some time.

Martin Wolf at the Financial Times said:

The global economy will grow below potential in 2016 but a recession is very unlikely, not in the major economies and especially not in China. The countries in real difficulty are too small to cause negative global growth.

Business people do not understand the overall economic system.

The Fed tightened too soon. The fundamental problem is the equilibrium rate.


Alec Ross said:

The story of the next 20 years is going to build on the story of the last 20 years, namely digitization.

Advances in hardware and material sciences and artificial intelligence will create entirely new trillion-dollar industries. The last trillion-dollar industry was created out of computer code, the next out of genetic code.

We are 3 or 4 years from the revolution in life sciences.

Robots in the cartoons and movies of the 1970s will become reality in the 2020s. The huge breakthroughs in mathematics in the last 18 months are making once complex robotic tasks possible.

Cloud robotics means we do not have to build million-dollar robots to get remarkably sophisticated AI.

In the past, automation and robotics replaced blue-collar labor but AI combined with new automation technologies will replace low-level white-collar work; as with buying and selling a home.

65% of jobs for children entering primary school today don’t presently exist, so the most important job is parenting.

Computer coders have a few decades’ worth of guaranteed employment in front of them.

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