Fareed Zakaria GPS – CNN 11-08-15

Salient to Investors:

Fareed Zakaria said:

Sending 50 special troops into Syria will fail and the US will face backing down or doubling down in a few months.

Leslie Gelb and Richard Betts said Kennedy and Johnson never believed that incremental interventions in Vietnam would work but escalated involvement there anyway just to be seen to be doing something.

Obama will keep American intervention in Syria small and limited but leave his successor a terrible dilemma; like Kennedy did to Johnson.

Robert Papa at University of Chicago says ISIS only attacks foreign enemies when they interfere in the region: like with France, Canada, Russia.

The Legatum Institute’s 2015 prosperity index found that 94% of Canadians are satisfied with their personal freedom, versus 87% of Americans – the US ranked 15th.

Puerto Rico’s employment rate is 35%, poverty rate 45%, and 5%+ of its people have left in the last 10 years. Puerto Rico does not have the right to declare bankruptcy like US cities.

Larry Summers says:

Puerto Rico’s debt is too large to be paid off by further tax increases and spending cuts.

If powerful creditors succeed in thwarting Obama’s move to allow PR to file bankruptcy it would be a disaster for all Puerto Ricans.

Michael Hayden at the Chertoff Group said:

Al Qaeda has been working on undetectable bombs for a long time.

While Al Qaeda was strategic, thoughtful, hierarchical, and operated from the top down, ISIS is populist, tactical, opportunistic and works from the bottom up.

Al Qaeda attacked its far enemy in order to undermine its near enemies, while ISIS wants to wage war on its near enemies.

Fawaz Gerges at London School of Economics. said:

What changed in the last year was the marriage between a local insurgency in Sinai and ISIS, particularly ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

There is more than one insurgency in Egypt, and the danger is how many young Egyptians would migrate to ISIS. ISIS’s powerful narrative of ending civility, defying the West and Russia, resonates with young Sunni Muslims in the Middle East and the world.

Ian Bremmer at Eurasia Group said:

The game changer was Russia’s decision to go into Syria, not the Egypt air crash. Russia does not wage war for the public good but only when they get something in return. In Syria, Russia first wants to shore up Assad.

Most all of the political spectrum, including Russia and Egypt, gets support only from taking the hardest possible line domestically: expect no national dialogue with the opposition.

Ta-Nehisi Coates at The Atlantic cited Patrick Sharkey at NYU, who found that African-American families making $100k a year tend to live in the same sort of neighborhoods as white families making $30k.

Martin Wolf at The Financial Times said:

Immigration benefits migrants and the world as a whole but not necessarily a country – it depends very much on who are the immigrants. Britain is not good at building the infrastructure needed to accommodate new immigrants.

The fiscal effect of immigrants can be positive or negative depending on a country’s welfare state. In many countries, immigrants tend not to be very successful in being employed.

Donald Trump is wrong about everything, and some of his propositions are mad.

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