Oil Riding Rails Creates Jobs as Buffett Puffs Chest: Freight – Bloomberg 03-12-13

Salient to Investors:

Charles Clowdis at IHS Global Insight said hauling oil in tank cars is creating jobs and wealth and investment opportunities – there is much crude that can’t be piped.

The US expanded oil production in 2012 by the biggest amount since Titusville in 1859.

The S&P Supercomposite Railroads Index has advanced 24 percent in the past year versus a 13 percent gain in the S&P 500: 2012 earnings rose 16 percent versus 5.2 percent for the S&P 500.

Ben Hartford at Robert W Baird said rails provide the flexibility of being able to deliver the crude extracted from the shale to different locations and recommends the stocks.

North Dakota is now America’s second-largest crude producer after Texas and ahead of Alaska.

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